Sunday, July 30, 2006


I'm sooo excited I just updated my blog with new pics and popped over to the ME blog and found out that I won challenge #5! This was the first challenge that I have done so I'm just beside myself and I didn't even know you win a prize :) I can't stay her and chat I must get to the LSS if this isn't a reason to shop I don't know what is! Thanks to all who checked out my blog and to everyone over at the ME blog site.

Check it out

Journal me this, journal me that!

I have had so much fun playing in this art journal!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Another Art Journal Challenge - YIPEE!

This is the 1st page in my New Art Journal that I started tonight after reading Elsie's blog. I was so excited I worked on the cover and completed it 80% of the way need to visit the LSS for chipboard letters. I also did the first page which provided some FUN ME TIME while getting my mind off some things. I will do the journaling tomorrow at lunch. If you want in on the fun visit

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Happy to be creating again

O.K. so it has been awhile since I posted but how can you blame me when there are so many creative and inspirational blogs out there. I have really been into journaling lately and hit my normal daily journal blogs which usually ends of being an all night thing which leaves me lurking instead of creating.

I did come across some creative sistah's on the East Coast that started a 31 day challenge journal and I got all excited about starting one on my own that I didn't finish the pages in my buddy Walena's journal. I have to say lurking on their sights have been such fun! You must check out and I found this blog from Toy's and I have to say when I read her post about looking cute and I was ROF big time!

I will do my best to keep my creativity going and not lurk so much that I have time to create. The first two pics are two of the four pages that I did in Walena's journal that will be on the way in the mail tomorrow (don't kill me) and I will be sending my journal as well once I figure out which one. The last pic is one of the pages I did in my 31 day challenge. I still have to add the journaling to this page but that will be a Starbucks trip sometime this week. The girls on the East coast do both paper and digital challenges I have to stick to what I love and do it all on paper. Until next time peace out :)